The current Kiinteistö Oy Itämerentori and especially its tower part, Itämerentorni, is a well-known landmark in Ruoholahti

This 16-story office tower, completed in 2000, reaches the height of 66 meters and currently offers office space for almost 500 people.

The extension of the new tower, to be enabled by the change of the city plan, is about 50 meters taller than the current Itämerentorni. In the future, a total of more than 1,000 people can work on its 29 floors. The tower extension will be built next to the current tower in a way that the towers will form a whole both functionally and in terms of cityscape, together with the existing lower 5-story pedestal building. With the extension the energy efficiency of the existing buildings is improved.Connecting the towers together with the help of a new elevator lobby increases the area and thus improves the usability of the office floors and enables views of the sea and the surrounding city.

Rising approximately 120 meters above sea level, the new tower further emphasizes the role of Kiinteistö Oy Itämerentori as a Ruoholahti landmark and makes it a visible landmark for a wider area. Changes on the ground level are essentially related to revitalizing the public urban area of Itämerentori and making the spaces on the edge of the square more attractive to pedestrians. Tower entrance will be from the square, and the facades to Itämerenkatu and Itämerentori will be enlivened by opening new retail and restaurant spaces with terrace areas that connect to the square. Former atrium will be transformed into an event gallery that will serve the building’s common conference and auditorium facilities.

Scope37 625 brm²