BIM & Digitalisation

BIM Services

The digitization of the construction sector emphasizes collaboration, openness, experimentation, and clarity. At Sarc+Sigge, digitization is central to our approach, incorporating Building Information Modeling (BIM) into all of our projects. BIM brings together cutting-edge technologies and collaborative practices. This enables us to create superior designs aimed at fostering a sustainable society.

Building Information Modeling

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the digital form of data for a construction project.

The information model created during the design process supports high-quality contracting and enables BIM-based building maintenance throughout the life cycle. Furthermore, BIM enhances sustainable design because the solutions can be modeled and simulated in the design phase. Comparing different options is more accessible, and the coordination improves efficiency and reduces waste.

We design all our projects using BIM to support sustainable and accountable construction, usage, and maintenance. In addition, BIM supports tight collaboration between all parties involved in the construction project. We believe that professional design, functional technical solutions, and conscientious execution play an integral part in achieving the goals of sustainable construction.

BIM Coordination

BIM coordination is a service where a coordinator supervises BIM-based design and advises the project parties to use and utilize data models.

The coordinator works closely with the design team, looking for suitable solutions and solving design problems. With the help of BIM Coordination, the outcome does not always have to be a compromise, but the best possible solution – found and chosen in collaboration.

The precision level and quality of BIM are based on the project’s goals, standard BIM requirements (YTV2012), and industry-established methods.

We have coordinated over 40 BIM projects, from small residential buildings to big regional projects.

BIM Management

BIM as a method is an excellent aid for the work and communication involved in the design process. Unfortunately, BIM is often seen only as a technical tool. We’ve found that using BIM together improves teamwork and gets everyone committed to the project.

The BIM Manager helps the client with the BIM project. They can discuss various matters, like ordering and managing BIM to achieve its objectives. Our manager also organizes BIM training and workshops and assists with contracts.

Modeling of input data

Building a sustainable society starts with repairing. Inventory modeling gives accurate and efficient information about the construction project and site. Based on the project’s requirements, we deliver high-quality inventory models at the right level of detail.

We also help order and define the material for laser scanning and photogrammetry if necessary. In addition, we have taken part in the compilation of initial data instruction cards on input data for Rakennustieto (Finnish Building Information Group).


A visual is worth a thousand words. High-quality visualizations with the latest tools convey ambiance and emotions while bringing the design to life.

We always visualize our portfolio pictures realistically and with care. Moreover, we enhance the architectural quality of the design, the well-thought-out scale, and the way the design fits into its surroundings. These visualization images showcase our design work’s high quality, care, and sustainability.

XR solutions

Interactive solutions enhance understanding of designs and their context, while also making it easier to test functionalities.

Using interactive and immersive plans provides a fun and easy way to get acquainted with a design in a virtual environment. Thanks to high-quality BIMs, we can apply XR solutions in all our projects.

BIM development

We actively engage in advancing the digitalization of the construction industry. With an open mindset, we explore new digital methods in design, visualization, project development, and management.

We contribute to various national pilot projects, helping to define the industry’s standards and practices. We believe in experimentation, sustainable investments, and building for the future.