Villa Yttrium


Villa Yttrium’s name is a tribute to Professor Johan Gadolin, who is also called the father of Finnish chemical research.

SIGGE Architects was given 1st place in an architectural competition by the city of Turku for their entry “YTTRIUM”.

Villa Yttrium consists of two townhouses joined by a glass connector. The building has a total of 6 floors and an underground garage. Hand-made brick has been chosen as the façade material and roof surface. The height of the eaves skillfully match the adjacent Villa Solaris and thus complement the row of buildings in Vartiovuorenpuisto

The apartments with their balconies open onto a beautiful park and cozy courtyard. The sloping high ceilings have bay windows and terraces. Ecological themes are present in the sustainable materials, geothermal energy and adaptability. The modern appearance of the building complex sits well into the surroundings and compliments the old building stock, the park and the newer buildings.

In the 18th century Johan Gadolin discovered an element that has since been called yttrium. Next to Villa Yttrium is a wooden house that housed Gadolin’s laboratory.

LocationTurku, Finland
ClientSuomen Laatuasunnot Oy
Size2 215 m2