Telakkaranta Apartments


The project won the Year 2018 Durable Stone House Award.

Telakkaranta (Finnish for shipyard by the river) was developed on the east bank of the River Aura. The starting points in design have been long life cycle of buildings and living comfort.

The buildings are on a pedestal, raised well above the pier level and covered with slate. It uses the same fair-face brickwork on the facades of all the new buildings. Most of the partition walls in the apartments were cast-in-situ while the walls in the corridors are pre-cast structures. The balconies are prefabricated cantilever balconies. The shared parking garage of the buildings is situated under the court yard.

LocationTurku, Finland
ClientSkanska Talonrakennus Oy, Skanska Kodit, Sato Oyj & TKU-Rakennus Oy
Size18 200 m2