Strandgatan No.1


SIGGE Architects’ proposal Strandgatan No.1 won the first prize in Vaasan Museonranta invited architectural competition.

FinCap and the City of Vaasa organized an architectural competition for the design of the new building at Rantakatu 1. The purpose of the competition was to find a high-quality and feasible solution in terms of cityscape and architecture. The design had to also adapt to the cultural environment and achieve functional, techno-economic and energy efficient goals in a balanced way.

A modern 12-storey residential and commercial building will be built on the best location in Vaasa, by the sea. In the waterfront area, next to the site, you will find culturally and historically valuable buildings such as Åbo Akademi University’s Vaasa campus, the Vaasa Museum seashore area, and the marina.

The building consists of the residential building and an integral triangular pedestal part. On the pedestal, above the street, is a green yard for the residents of the house. Business and office premises are located on the ground level. The three sides of the building are bordered by a balcony area.

The apartments are bright, spacious, and convertible. Each apartment has a magnificent, unobstructed view of the sea. All apartments have a spacious balcony. The parking spaces are in the basement, as well as other auxiliary spaces. The basement has a direct connection to the residential floors.

The competition proposal has been prepared together with Sweco Structural Engineering and Loci Landscape Architects. Ecological, low-carbon and environmental diversity solutions have been considered in architecture, structures and yard and green design.

The design has sought to adapt the building to the architecture of the area’s old, valuable buildings. Scandinavian style and life cycle solutions create an elegant whole and together build a sustainable city.

Strandgatan No.1 creates excellent conditions for peaceful living by the sea in the center of Vaasa. Rakel Liehu’s poem “You can’t stand your back towards the seashore” reminds me of the beautiful scenery.

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Location Vaasa, Finland

Client FinCap and the City of Vaasa

Year 2022

Size 6600 m2