Koivusaari IKEA


Koivusaari central block has been developed in collaboration with IKEA and City of Helsinki, based on the planning principles of Koivusaari area derived from ideas competition

The starting point of the design has been to solve the central block of Koivusaari with a unified group of buildings, whose green roofs form a cohesive bridge-like entity between the northern and southern islands, currently divided by Länsiväylä thoroughfare. In addition to the IKEA department store, functions in the block include other commercial activities, such as a convenience store, street levelretail space, a hotel and office premises. Two shared parking facilities have been placed in the area, which, in addition to the commercial center, also serve the surrounding residential blocks and other business premises users. The block forms the new commercial center of the planned island. When approaching Helsinki from Länsiväylä, the central block of Koivusaari forms a gate motif into the urban fabric. In terms of materials and landscape design, the design follows the overall idea of Koivusaari, with references to the island nature of the archipelago.

Scope41 300 kem²