Aalto Village – Otaniemi Student Housing


The Miestentie 2 student housing is a joint project by AYY and HOAS located in Otaniemi, Espoo

The whole consists of two buildings linked by a gate-like canopy. The project supports the development of the Otaniemi area, as well as eases the student housing shortage.

The buildings contain fine details, such as the red-brown brick linings of the facades, as well as the animal figures adventuring on the walls of the corridors of the AYY building. The lower surface of the canopy connecting the buildings is made of larch, which ages beautifully over time.

There are a total of 262 apartments in Miestenstie 2. The object’s apartment types are mainly studios, but there are also two-bedroom apartments and a few small family apartments.

LocationOtaniemi, Espoo
Scope12.500 brm²
ClientAalto University Student Union AYY and Foundation for student housing in the Helsinki region HOAS