Tapiola HQ2 


Freedom of movement

Designed as the headquarters of Tapiola group (now LähiTapiola) the building stands in the immediate vicinity of the old garden city of Tapiola in Espoo. The traditional construction of the Tapiola area is placed freely in relation to nature and built-up green areas. 

The above-ground structure of the building is segmented into six parts, each six stories high, through the strategic use of courtyards and the layout of the building’s corridors. In keeping with Tapiola’s aesthetic of facade lightness, the new building incorporates screen-printed glass in its window strips. The use of wood in window frames and on the surfaces of balconies and terraces forges a connection with the wooden office building across Länsituulentie, aiming for a modern interpretation that complements Tapiola’s setting. The main entrance features a prominent canopy, upheld by three Corten steel pillars that extend from the exterior to the interior at the eaves, with the underside finished in wood. A free-standing natural stone wall blends the building with the plot’s diverse terrain.

The building’s entrance courtyard and main lobby create a central square, serving as the hub for the building’s communal functions and internal circulation. Alongside four panoramic elevators, the lobby features a tall, central-pole-free spiral staircase that links all the floors. The lobby is complete with waiting and exhibition spaces, associated white concrete auditoriums and wide side corridors on the floor levels – forming a meeting place for everyone working in the building. Shared meeting rooms open up through the side corridors of the lobby. The staff canteen and the conference center located on the top floor continue out onto the wood-clad roof terraces, which offer a sea view of the Gulf of Finland.

Designed to accommodate approximately 1,500 people, the office spaces are built with flexibility in mind. The layout allows the building to be segmented into smaller, floor-specific sections within two parallel office wings, available for leasing as needed. These office wings, linked to the spacious central lobby via open side corridors, support a range of functional and diverse office configurations. Special focus has been placed on ensuring the adaptability of these office areas, from architectural and structural to building engineering perspectives.

Quarried in the rock, the building includes three basement floors, parking for about 830 vehicles and various technical facilities.

The construction of the project, planning guidance, planning and construction have been guided by the environmental and life cycle goals set by the Tapiola group. The PromisE environmental classification has been used as a tool in many different phases of the project. In managing the property and training its personnel, the Tapiola group adheres to the Green Office protocol.

Gross area 71 557 m²

Floor area 35 387 m²

Apartment area 62 292 m²

Gross volume 319 103 m³

Construction period 06/2007 – 01/2010

Total costs approx. 170 million euros

Builder Kiinteistö-Tapiola Oy




ClientTapiola group
Size72 000 brm²