Innopoli 4  – VTT Future Hub 


Innopoli 4  – VTT Future Hub

Innopoli 4 is an office block developed in cooperation with Technopolis and the city of Espoo located on the border of the traditional campus area of Otaniemi, which is getting denser and more diverse in its functions. The first part of the block, to be used by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, will be built in three phases between 2020-2025. The planned complex will include a second office building framing the central campus yard of the block, and a parking facility located on the opposite side of Tekniikantie, between the existing Innopoli 1 and 2 buildings. 

Innopoli 4 / VTT Future Hub is located at the corner of Maarintie and Tekniikantie. In the center of the complex is the office part, the entrance and lobby spaces of which open through glass walls to both the street and the campus yard, and to which the laboratory wings facing both streets connect. The laboratory facilities serve VTT’s central research activities in several different research areas, including industrial biotechnology and food research, bioproduct research, environmental biotechnology, smart power grids, information networks, experimental and computational materials technology, and robotics. The special facilities required for research activities are mainly placed on the lowest floors of the laboratory wings, and the upper floors contain modular research space designed to be flexible. The building itself also serves as a research object. 

On the street facades, the use of red brick-faced elements in rhythm with the window openings connects the building to the material world of Otaniemi, on the courtyard sides opening towards the sun, a lighter metallic material palette is used. Horizontal profiles and perforated metal fins that act as external sun protection elements tie the different facades together. The heart of the campus yard is a preserved grove of pine trees and a planted stream bed that delays rainwater.  



Sijainti: Otaniemi, Espoo, 2020-2025 

Laajuus: 25 200 brm² 

Tilaaja: Technopolis Oyj