Elsanranta Saimaavillas


The Elsanranta villas have been completed at Sahanlahti on the shores of Lake Saimaa.

A complex of five semi-detached houses with a total of 10 fantastic holiday homes was completed in Sahanlahti Lotjanniemi in the middle of summer.

Lotjanniemi’s beautiful nature has been kept as intact as possible, leaving the area’s rocks, cones and pines to decorate the area in a natural and sustainable way.
The terrain on the peninsula is a living community. The villas are accessed via wooden bridges, thus minimising the impact on the natural environment.

The villas are designed with sustainability in mind in every detail. The Clt-villas are built under factory conditions in Finland using entirely Finnish materials. Only sustainable solutions have been chosen for energy consumption, waste recycling, maintenance and use.
The buildings are heated by geothermal energy and electricity will be produced in the future by an in-house solar power plant.

Elsanranta is an exceptionally beautiful resort on the shores of Lake Saimaa. The Lake Saimaa nature is completely unique in its diversity. Elsanranta enables you to enjoy this magnificent nature and landscape in a sustainable and responsible way.

photos: Copyright Sahanlahti Resort

LocationPuumala, Finland
ClientSahanlahti Resort
Size630 m2