Villa by the Sea


A bedrock plot in the Turku archipelago, south-facing onto a beautiful sea-view

The starting point for the building plans for the island plot was to build as low and as discretely as possible, while affording excellent views of the archipelago landscape. The cottage is fit for winter habitation and has a waterside sauna and car shelter. The buildings are constructed from prefabricated parts made of Finnish timber. The timber frames are designed according to the modular system. The blind panel walls on the north side are clad in dark stained paneling. The partition lends an added sense of privacy and creates a background to the seaward facing glass wall which looks out onto a picture postcard seascape. The long eaves of the buildings lend them added shelter and emphasize their horizontal aspect. Movable wooden louver shutters provide additional shade from the sun.
photos: Vesa Loikas

Size130 m2