Social: Internal review

Social: Internal review

Diversity and equality

We consider people equally regardless of age, nationality, or gender. We have employees of all ages, from interns to those nearing retirement. At Sarc + Sigge, starting in 2024, we speak eight languages besides Finnish and Swedish. The proportions of men and women are almost equal. Women make up 12.5 % of the executive team. In the future, we will ensure that all genders are equally considered in career development. In the 2022 and 2023 reviews, Sarc had no unexplained gender pay gaps. The company has a statutory equality plan and we want to support the equal career development of talented architects “from apprentice to master”. More on the subject in the Career Paths section.

Safety, harassment, and discrimination

Harassment is recognized as an issue within the construction industry, and at Sarc + Sigge, we maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy against it. The whistleblowing channel serves to report possible incidents. There were no workplace accidents at Sarc or Sigge in 2022 and 2023, despite the job requirement of being on construction sites. Employees have been provided with safety equipment and training for site visits.

Education and continuous learning

Each of our employees have the required qualifications for their professions and roles, and we support employee development through diverse on-the-job learning and training. We’ll continue to invest in the maintenance of professional standards and provide adequate training for our staff.

Turnover and satisfaction

At Sarc, the turnover rate in 2022 was just 4%, indicating good job satisfaction. In the last workplace survey conducted by our occupational health partner in 2022, the statement “My job is meaningful to me” scored 4.2 out of 5. At Sarc + Sigge, we’ll continue to monitor and improve employee well-being. 

What’s next?

Our goal is to maintain an equal gender distribution and increase the number of women in management over time. We’ll further monitor and develop job satisfaction through workplace surveys and active collaboration.