Governance: Internal review

Governance: Internal review

Good governance and professional ethics

Sarc + Sigge is professional in all its operations and interfaces, from client work to good governance. We conduct our operations in strict adherence to existing laws, our own Code of Conduct, and the highest standards of professional ethics. The inclusion of a whistleblowing reporting channel underscores our commitment to responsible business practices. We employ modern and current information systems to support our operations. Additionally, the company benefits from an active board that assists the management team in supervising and implementing effective risk management strategies.

Code of conduct and anti-corruption

Sarc has a Code of Conduct. No cases of corruption were detected in 2022 or 2023. With the merger of Sarc + Sigge, the entire company commits to the Code of Conduct.

What’s next?

We are committed to constantly enhancing our operations and processes to support the company’s sustainable development over the next 70 years. For instance, we have initiated the application and audit for the RALA quality certificate according to ISO9001 standards for Sarc + Sigge.