Stålarminkatu 45


We are planning a new two-block complex in the Konepaja Häkkinen site in Turku. A local detailed plan by the city is underway

In the plan the workshop area will be transformed into an urban residential area.

The new area will connect Telakkaranta more closely to the urban structure. The plan pays special attention to light traffic routes from Stålarminkatu to the riverbank. Between the blocks runs the cozy Baana, which connects Kalmarinaukio to the new city square at the end of the blocks.

Special attention has been paid to landscaping and the comfort of the area. Sheltered yards are formed into the middle of the blocks. The cars are placed under the yard. A higher terraced building mass is located next to the Korppolaismäki hill. Next to the terrace house is a new public staircase to Korppolaismäki recreation area, which has great views all the way to Airisto in the archipelago.

LocationTurku, Finland
ClientCity of Turku
Size63900 m2