Marble Palace


The Marble Palace, built in 1918 and designed by architect Eliel Saarinen, was returned to luxury apartment use in connection with the comprehensive renovation of 2019-2023

 The building was originally a private home for more than 30 years. Between 1947 and 2012, the building was in office use and served as the premises of state judicial institutions.

During the renovation, the building was divided into four apartments. A spa section was implemented on the ground floor of one apartment. The building’s cold attic space was taken over for residential use and the former glass attic was converted into an atrium terrace. A new stairwell with an elevator was built in place of the building’s former secondary staircase. The building’s original elevator remained for the use of one apartment, leading to the tower room. The original fireplace in the great hall was restored for reuse. The building contains several valuable preserved spaces. The renovation restored the building’s original contrast between the light exterior and the dark interior.

A new car shelter and technical facilities were built underground at the south end of the property. The yard was restored to the characteristics of a private yard with gardens. The sand walkways and old perennial varieties were chosen based on the original implementation.

The listed building, protected by the law on the protection of built heritage, and its immediate surroundings are culturally and historically very valuable.

Size2 600 brmĀ²
ClientHGR Property Partners